nicholas fair

 Nicholas Fair is the multi-disciplined musician and artist behind Gnosis Antiquarius, an online archive of his visual arts, written work and audio recordings. Based out of Corpus Christi, Texas where he was born and currently resides, Nicholas began composing music in 1999, inspired by the medium that best provided him the ability to better understand himself and the human condition.  Since that time he has gone on to create a prolific and varied body of work which brings together emotive vocals and swelling musical arrangements, as showcased in his most recent release “Percuss at Sunrise,” which imbibes a dreamlike mood and fashions a sense of melancholic  nostalgia for the listener. Creation for Nicholas is a process which he likens to a meditative slumber, an exorcism of ethical afflictions; A confrontation of sadness, the release of dreaming, and dark, ethereal qualities that emanate through his world. With more projects underway, a selection of his past releases can be heard here: Gnosis Antiquarius

Nicholas Alexander Fair - "percuss at sunrise" (gnosis antiquarius, 2019)



Released on CD by Gnosis Antiquarius in 2019.

Listen here: "Percuss at Sunrise"

Nicholas fair - "accompaniment" (gnosis antiquarius, 2001/2019)



First Gnosis Antiquarius cassette released in 2001; Re-released in 2019.

Listen here: "Accompaniment"

nicholas fair - "small songs" (gnosis antiquarius, 2016)



"...Piano-heavy, which is all too uncommon and done quite beautifully by Mr. Fair. Musically it's all rather airy, and his singing is deeply resonating. Creates a wonderful contrast to hear." - Space Rock Mountain

nicholas fair - "how to get lost in your bedroom" (etched traumas, 2013)



"A laconic, hypnotic suite of 3 instrumental tracks layering treated guitar runs over decaying vocal echoes. Stemming from older recordings, they carry the warmth and noise of time past, of days hazy in memory." - Sounds From The Outer Edges

nicholas fair - "little girl" (gnosis antiquarius, 2007)



"A two track offering from Nicholas Fair entitled ‘little girl’ might well be all too brief a listening experience though in its finite just over 2 minute grooving is deliciously etched a faintly scribed Francophile beauty whose spectral wistfulness in dappled in autumnal hues and succulently dipped in Almond / Walker torch trimmed fancies with a side dusting of McAloon sketching all softly bathed in a 60’s seasoning. Over on the flip ’ours is’ secures our vote as the best of the brace not least because of its carefree almost lazy eyed head in the clouds casualness and the fact that it had us yearning to delve deep into our record stash to unearth lost treats by Gulliver and early career outings pressed up by the kitchenware imprint." - The Sunday Experience

Listen here: "Little Girl"

nich0las fair - "cockcrow sunrise" (2001)



Percussive field recordings released by Gnosis Antiquarius on cassette in 2001.

Listen here: "Cockcrow Sunrise"