electronic meditation program

Thee Electronic Meditation Program was birthed in the winter of 2000, originally conceived to perform improvisational and experimental works, referred to as atmospheric "Programs". It's earliest incarnations conducted programs at local art galleries and obscure venues providing haunting ambiance created with magnetic tape loops and understated analogue synthesizer support,  contributing evocative accompaniment of theatre productions (I.E. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" [Harbour Play House, 2004]; "A Christmas Carol" [Harbour Play House 2005])and scoring various experimental and avant-garde films.  Recent international collaborations have re-invigorated thee project, and along with several re-issues of earlier materials, new compositions are nearing completion. 

electronic meditation program - aborted dream exit (2008/2019)



Originally recorded and released by Gnosis Antiquarius in 2008;  Re-released with added material 2018 by Reverb Worship.

Listen here: "Aborted Dream Exit"

electronic meditation program (as nicholas fair) w/ vitaly maklakov - "a pool of memory" (2018)



Collaborative effort between Russian sound artist Vitaly Maklakov and Electronic Meditation Program.  Released by Ostraga Label in 2018.

" All these echoes of the past respond to us with a slight nostalgia, making us re-listen to the album again and again, forcing us to rethink our past." - Medium

Listen Here: "A Pool of Memory"

Electronic meditation program - "cellars swell inferior" (2016)



Abandoned film score recorded and released by Gnosis Antiquarius in 2016.

Listen here: "Cellars Swell Inferior"

electronic meditation program - "weltschmerz" (2002/2012)


GACD02 / TBR07

Originally released on CD by Gnosis Antiquarius in 2002, re-released on cassette (partial track list) by Teflon Beast Records in 2012.

"...Sounds that are sometimes gently unhinged but never fully deranged. It’s a brand of homemade experimentalism that relies on tactful arrangements, rather than loads of gear. Cautious variations add more than they seem to, as they interact with fainter sounds creeping in from the edges."

- Impose Magazine

Electronic meditation program - "back" (2004)



"...Serious underpinnings, emphasizing the nexus of Fair's experimentation at the intersection of those decrepit machines and his own frail emanations..." 

- Decoder Magazine

electronic meditation program - "decathexis" (2002)




Video experiments (2002)